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"Organ donation should be our choice now, not our family's when we die:" STUFF - 21 August 2018: click here

"Sick woman's petition to make organ donation opt-out:" Newstalk ZB - 7 August 2018: click here

"Jacinda Ardern shuts down call for mandatory organ donation:" Newstalk ZB - 7 August 2018: click here

"AA Directions Magazine - Andy Tookey - Feature Story:" July 2017: click here

"Organ donor registration on driving licences creeps closer to becoming legally binding:" TVONE News: 15 May 2017: click here

"Convicted murderer petitions for prisoners to be allowed to donate organs, blood and semen:" TVONE News 4 May 2017: click here

"More than half NZ drivers are 'donors' on their licences:" Dominion Post: 16 April 2017: click here

'The Project' TV News interview: TV3: 15 March 2017: click here

"Organ donation only discussed in 40 per cent of possible cases:" Dominion Post: 24 February 2017: click here

"15 years waiting for a liver:" Dominion Post: 31 January 2017: click here

"Should we change to an 'Opt Out' organ donor system?" TV Interview: TV1: 25 January 2017: click here

"Editorial: The long road to persuade more people to donate organs:" Dominion Post: 25 January 2017: click here

"Deceased organ donations on the rise, show Organ Donation New Zealand figures:" NZ Herald: 22 January 2017: click here

"Organ donor bill passed by parliament:" NewsHub: 30 November 2016: click here

"MPs set to pass Bill giving payment hike to live organ donors:" Newstalk ZB: 17 October 2016: click here

TV Interview with Paul Henry on Live Donor Compensation: 22 September: click here

"Organ Donors to get 100% compensation:" SCOOP: 21 September 2016: click here

"Organ donors to be compensated for income lost during recovery under legislation backed by all parties:" NZ Herald: 21 September 2016: click here

"Editorial: What better living legacy could there be than donating your organs?" The Press: 18 August 2016: click here

"Deaths of Riley Baker and Brittany Arthur spark calls for more organ donations:" Stuff: 16 August 2016: click here

"Interview on an organ donor register:" Radio NZ: 29 July 2016: click here

"Culture change needed, not organ donor register - Coleman:" Radio NZ: 29 July 2016: click here

"Why is the Health Minister against an organ donation register?" Paul Henry TV Interview: 27 July 2016: click here

"More organ donors needed despite progress:" TV3 News: 26 July 2016: click here

"The greatest person never known:" Metro News: 19 July 2016: click here

"Primary duty to save lives:" Editorial - Otago Daily Times: 9 June 2016: click here

"Organ donation attitude cited:" Otago Daily Times: 9 June 2016: click here

"Call for NZ organ donor register:" Radio NZ: 8 June 2016: click here

"Organ register campaigners disappointed:" Radio Interview: Radio NZ: 8 June 2016: click here

"Culture change' to lift organ donation rates:" NZ Herald: 8 June 2016: click here

"Andy Tookey - "Government not acting on poor organ donation rate" Radio Interview: Newstalk ZB: 7 June 2016: click here

"Campaigner urges organ donor register to lift NZ's low donation rates:" Dominion Post: 7 June 2016: click here

"Organ donor system 'woefully inadequate": Radio Interview: Newstalk ZB: 7 June 2016: click here

"Consultation underway to improve organ donation rates:" Newstalk ZB: 7 June 2016: click here

"Revamp planned to boost rates of organ donation:" Dominion Post: 7 June 2016: click here

"Concern over low rate of organ donors:" NZ Herald: 8 April 2016: click here

"Passionate Advocate for More Donations:" An Interview with Andy Tookey: DominionPost: 12 March 2016: click here

"Editorial: NZ's record on organ donations is pitiful. Time for a new approach:" Dominion Post: 4 March 2016: click here

"Should families of the deceased be able to overrule organ donation?" TV ONE News Interview: 3 March 2016: click here

"DHB figures show majority of families don't donate organs:" Radio NZ Interview: 3 March 2016: click here

"Andy Tookey: 6/10 Families Refuse Organ Donation:" Radio Interview: Newstalk ZB: 3 March 2016: click here

"Potential organ donors being blocked by family and doctors, says audit:" STUFF: 2 March 2016: click here

"Kiwi families rejecting organ donation:" TV ONE NEWS: 2 March 2016: click here

"Live organ donor regime 'killing people' and 'costing a lot' - researcher:" STUFF: 21 Oct 2015: click here

"Breakfast TV Interview on Live Donor Compensation:" TV ONE: 14 Oct 2015: click here

"Organ donation review will look at cultural barriers:" STUFF: 9 Oct 2015: click here

"Dr Eric Crampton: A better deal for organ donors:" NZ Herald: 14 Sept 2015: click here

"Judith Collins v Phil Goff: Organ donation is the gift that keeps on giving:" Sunday Star Times: 30 Aug 2015: click here

"Radio Interview Mike Hosking/Andy Tookey on Live Donor Bill:" Newstalk ZB: 27 Aug 2015: click here

"Organ Donors Bill passes first reading:" NZ Herald: 27 August 2015: click here

"Financial Assistance for Live Organ Donors Bill First reading:" Simon O'Connor Parliament 26 August 2015: click here

"MPs urged to up compensation to boost live organ donation, ahead of vote:" Stuff: 25 August 2015: click here

"Sir Pita Sharples calls for Maori organ donors after wife receives kidney:" NZ Herald: 21 August 2015: click here

"Financial Assistance for Live Organ Donors Bill" - First reading:Chris Bishop: Parliament: 12 August 2015: click here

"It's crucial to get process right:" Herald on Sunday: 2 August: 2015: click here

"Organ donation: Faces at the front line:" Herald on Sunday: 26 July 2015: click here

"Young people lack knowledge to help lift organ donation:" University of Otago PR: 24 July 2015: click here

"Organ donation series: Family's gifts of life bring comfort after death:" Herald on Sunday: 19 July 2015: click here

"Editorial: All donors need their loved ones to know it:" Herald on Sunday: 12 July: click here

"Kidney donation law change should go further:" Dominion Post: 8 July 2015: click here

"Opt out' organ donoring needed in NZ:" NZ Herald: 7 July 2015: click here

"Editorial: Organ donors penalised for altruism:" Dominion Post: 7 July 2015: click here

"Organ donors bill drawn from ballot:" NZ Herald: 25 June: click here

"New look at donor register:" NZ Herald: 16 June 2015: click here

"Very low organ donor rates in NZ" 3 News NZ: 15 June 2015: click here

"Little Leon's organs help save others" NZ Herald: 14 June 2015: click here

"Uncertainty about organ transplant waiting lists" STUFF: 19 May 2015: click here

'Inconsistent organ transplant decisions sparks review" STUFF: 19 May 2015: click here

"Should family members have the right to veto your organ donation?' Breakfast TV: 13 May 2015: click here 

"Is it time to veto a family’s right to overturn organ donation wishes?' TV One News: 12 May 2015: click here 

"Organ donor rate disgraceful:" Otago Daily Times: 30 March 2015: click here

"Organ donor stats shock campaigner:" NZ Herald: 21 March 2015: click here

"Editorial: Gift-of-life donors need more help:' NZ Herald: 28 February 2015: click here

"Organ donation: Family the crux of decision" NZ Herald: 25 February 2015: click here

"DHB caught out deleting public records” NZ Herald: 21 July 2014: click here

"Editorial: Investment needed for organ donations:" Dominion Post: 21 January 2014: click here

"NZ organ donation rate among world's lowest" NZ Herald: 26 January 2013: click here
"Schemes to raise organ donation unveiled:" STUFF: 7 June 2012: click here
"New Zealand’s Dis-organ-isation: Critic Magazine: 1 April 2012: click here
"Donor Angels:" Herald on Sunday: 20 November 2011: click here

 "Low organ donor rate - time for a rethink: SCOOP: 17 January 2011: click here

"Organ strife dead wrong:" Sunday Star Times: 15 March 2009: click here

"Organ Donation: Canada $35 Million - NZ $0:" SCOOP: 15 August 2008: click here

"Giving organs in donors best interests:" SCOOP: 6 August 2008: click here

"Organ donor figures lowest this century:" Info News: 6 August 2008: click here

"Govt. Reveals it will do nothing to increase donors:" SCOOP: 16 July 2008: click here

"Ministry gives poor advice to Health Minister:" SCOOP: 14 July 2008: click here

"Desperate Kiwis risk all buying organs overseas:" NZ Herald: 13 July 2008: click here

"Waiting for Life:" New Zealand Herald: 13 July 2008: click here

Editorial: "Donor law won't solve problem:" NZ Herald: 11 April 2008: click here

 "Organ Donor Service: Saving Lives or Losing them?" SCOOP: 10 March 2008: click here

 "Donor Campaigner gains International attention:" SCOOP: 26 February 2008: click here

"Government confirms it will break election promise:" SCOOP: 11 December: click here

"Govt: Kiwis can not give informed donor consent:" SCOOP: 21 November: click here

"Boy's death offers life to others:" Northern Advocate: 13 November: click here

 (Organ Donation) Amendment Bill Second Reading - Parliament: 7 November: click here

"Parliament Throws out Binding Organ Donor Register:" SCOOP: 8 November: click here

"MP blue that her bill voted down:" Newstalk ZB: 8 November: click here

Human Tissue Bill - Second Reading - Parliament - 23 October - Click here

"Govt, MOH and Committee confused on organ donors:" SCOOP: 19 October: click here

"EDITORIAL: No donors so why not buy kidneys?" Hawkes Bay Today: 16 October 2007: click here

"Should organ donation become compulsory?" Investigate Magazine: October 2007: click here (PDF)

"MPs go back on their word:" SCOOP: 7 October 2007: click here

"Organ donation back in the Too Hard Basket (Again):" SCOOP: 29 Sept: click here

"Organ register rejected by select committee:" Radio NZ: 29 September: click here

"U-turn stuns group:" Newstalk ZB: 29 September: click here

"Spare Parts: Where has the $500,000 spent on organ donations gone?" Salient Magazine: 24 Sept 2007: click here

"Liver unit pleads for more donors:" STUFF: 10 August: click here

 "300th liver transplant carried out:" TV3 News: 4 August: click here

 "Minister refuses to seek the truth:" SCOOP: 30 July: click here

"Jonah encourages Aussie donors:" Newstalk ZB: 27 July: click here

TV Interview: "Mike Yardley Presents..." A 15 minute interview with Andy Tookey on CTV  Part 1  - Part 2

"Families stop loved ones' organ donation:" STUFF: 20 June: click here

"Organ-donor study delayed:" STUFF: 18 June: click here 

"Transplant mum tells of organ donor's gift of life" NZ Herald: 7 May: click here

 "Organ donor rates worldwide reach record highs:" SCOOP: 28 April: click here

"Donor doctor confirms double standards:" SCOOP: 26 March: click here

"Donor doctor validates deaths on the waiting list:" SCOOP: 21 March: click here

"Donors should take priority:" Nelson Mail: 16 March: click here

"Transplant terrorists strike again...:" SCOOP: 8 March: click here

"Let organ donors be first to benefit:" The Press: 8 March: click here

"Attempts to boost organ donor rates won't work:" NZPA: 8 March: click here

"Doctors oppose donor register:" TVNZ: 7 March: click here

"Organ donation laws need 'tidying up':" Newstalk ZB: 7 March: click here

"Family was never asked to donate organs:" STUFF: 1 March 2007: click here

"Blenheim mans future hinges on transplant:" Marlborough Express: 23 Feb: click here

"Girl 5, makes big impact on MPs:" Dominion Post: 22 Feb: click here

"Katie, 5 to help dad make plea to MPs:" Dominion Post 21 Feb: click here

"Organ bill discussed at select committee:" SCOOP: 20 February: click here

"The waiting list for organ donations:" News video Campbell Live: 20 Feb: click here 

"Petition Supports Law Change on Organ Donation: SCOOP: 17 February: click here

"Jonah turns calendar guy to lure more organ donors:" North Shore Times: 20 January: click here 

"Battle for organ donation goes on:" UK Newspaper: 15 January: click here

"Organ donor veto is 'wrong' :" Waikato Times: 11 January 2007: click here

"We need more organ donors:" Waikato Times: 8 January 2007: click here

"Organ donor rates plummet to record low:" NZ Herald: 5 January 2007: click here

Human Tissue Bill (Government Bill) text of the first reading and debate: Hansard: 14 November: click here

"Donor lobby group unhappy over bill:" Newstalk ZB: 8 November: click here

"Bill a "Slap in the Face" for Your Right To Choice:" STUFF: 8 November: click here 

 "Bill aims to improve organ donor rate:" STUFF: 8 November: click here

"Donor organ supplies low:" Times Newspaper: 6 September: click here

"Organ Donation on Track for a New Record Low?" SCOOP: 18 August: click here

"NZ organ donation numbers fall:" Radio NZ: 18 August: click here

"Life in death decisions:" NZ Listener: 5 August: click here

"Opposition puzzles campaigner:" North Shore Times: 29 June: click here

"Family sharing the pain:" Hawkes Bay Today: 27 June: click here

"Donor challenge saves Liam's life:" NZ Herald: 10 June: click here 

"NZ donor shortage means organs may be diseased :" NZ Herald: 5 June: click here

"Organ donations down:" STUFF: 5 June: click here 

"Doctors use diseased donor organs:" TVNZ: 4 June: click here

"The MAPP Report:" Press release: 16 May: click here

"Dad wants his little girl safe:" North Shore Times: 11 May: click here

Text of the speeches/debate in Parliament on the organ donor bill: click here

"Te Radar: Frozen, pickled, eaten - it's your body:" NZ Herald: 5 May: click here 

"Turia : (Organ Donation) Amendment Bill:" Speech: Maori Party: 3 May: click here

"Organ donor bill set to pass first reading amid wide support:" Radio NZ: 3 May: click here

"Editorial: Protecting wishes of lifesavers:" NZ Herald: 2 May: click here <