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Convicted murderer petitions for prisoners to be allowed to donate organs, blood and semen

Emily Cooper

A convicted murderer has taken a petition to parliament, calling for prisoners to be able to make organ and blood donations and also be able to donate semen so they can father children.

Jailed murderer has many shaking their heads with his fight to father children from behind bars

Karl Nuku wants prisoners to be able to make organ and blood donations and also be able to donate semen.
Source: 1 NEWS

Karl Nuku killed Wellington man Dean Browne with a hammer in 2010 and is serving life in prison.

Nuku and his co-accused Mikhail Pandey-Johnson were part of the so-called Killer Clown gang.

Mr Browne's body was driven to New Plymouth and was found decomposing in a garage.

At the time of his death, Mr Browne's distraught parents told 1 NEWS that part of them had died along with their son.

The petition was taken by Labour MP Trevor Mallard to select committee.

Mr Mallard said he has only had a small amount of written communication with Nuku, so he's not certain why Nuku wants this passed.

The Corrections Department said in a statement that there are currently no legal restrictions preventing prisoners donating blood, organs or sperm but that corrections doesn't support this as part of health care requirements.

"As with any other health-related activity, consideration would be given on a case-by-case basis by the prison director, who is required to ensure the safety and security of all involved," the department said.

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