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Consultation underway to improve organ donation rates

Newstalk ZB staff ,
Publish Date
Tuesday, 7 June 2016, 12:29PM

An organ donation campaigner is pushing for the government to consider creating an organ donor register.

The government has begun consultation on how to improve the country's rate of organ donation which remains far behind demand.

Give life spokesman Andy Tookey told Chris Lynch the current system is woefully inadequate.

"Currently it's on the driving licence, which we know is hopeless and can not be used because it's not informed consent, so it's not even checked in the event of your death. You have to go onto a register but we need to publicise it as well."

Andy Tookey said 60 per cent of families say no to organ donation, which he thinks comes down to a lack of understanding.

But Minister of Health Jonathan Coleman said creating an organ donor register isn't on the table.

"But a register of itself, the advice is it won't make a massive difference. It's about changing the culture around organ donation."

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