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Your support is much appreciated as we seek to improve organ donation in New Zealand.

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With the support of people like yourself we stand a great chance of making a lasting and significant change to organ donation in New Zealand, one that can only improve thousands of lives for the better.

In the meantime one way to help promote change is to let the government know that there is public support for an improved system. You could email your protest at the current lack of action on behalf of the government to the Minister of Health and your local MP - If you don't know the email address of your MP click here to take you to the MP's contact details page.The reply you are likely to get from the Minister of Health is that the Ministry is currently reviewing the Human Tissue Act 1964 which includes organ donation, but if you read the scope of the review and the highlighted paragraph you will see that all is not what it seems!

Thanks again for your support.

Andy Tookey
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The most important part of being a donor is to tell your family

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